Спецификация HTML 3.2


a MAP element which may

<!-- USEMAP points to a MAP element which may be in this document or an external document, although the latter is not widely supported -->

<!--=================== Java APPLET tag ===================================--> <!-- This tag is supported by all Java enabled browsers. Applet resources (including their classes) are normally loaded relative to the document URL (or <BASE> element if it is defined). The CODEBASE attribute is used to change this default behavior. If the CODEBASE attribute is defined then it specifies a different location to find applet resources. The value can be an absolute URL or a relative URL. The absolute URL is used as is without modification and is not effected by the documents <BASE> element. When the codebase attribute is relative, then it is relative to the document URL (or <BASE> tag if defined). --> <!ELEMENT APPLET - - (PARAM | %text)*> <!ATTLIST APPLET codebase %URL #IMPLIED -- code base -- code CDATA #REQUIRED -- class file -- alt CDATA #IMPLIED -- for display in place of applet -- name CDATA #IMPLIED -- applet name -- width %Pixels #REQUIRED -- suggested width in pixels -- height %Pixels #REQUIRED -- suggested height in pixels -- align %IAlign #IMPLIED -- vertical or horizontal alignment -- hspace %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested horizontal gutter -- vspace %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested vertical gutter -- >

<!ELEMENT PARAM - O EMPTY> <!ATTLIST PARAM name NMTOKEN #REQUIRED -- The name of the parameter -- value CDATA #IMPLIED -- The value of the parameter -- >

<!-- Here is an example:

<applet codebase="applets/NervousText" code=NervousText.class width=300 height=50> <param name=text value="Java is Cool!"> <img src=sorry.gif alt="This looks better with Java support"> </applet> -->

<!--=================== Horizontal Rule ===================================-->

<!ELEMENT HR - O EMPTY> <!ATTLIST HR align (left|right|center) #IMPLIED () #IMPLIED size %Pixels #IMPLIED width %Length #IMPLIED > <!--=================== Paragraphs=========================================-->

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