Спецификация HTML 3.2


txt LINK has been part

<!--================== The LINK Element ==================================-->

<!ENTITY % Types "CDATA" -- See Internet Draft: draft-ietf-html-relrev-00. txt LINK has been part of HTML since the early days although few browsers as yet take advantage of it.

Relationship values can be used in principle:

a) for document specific toolbars/menus when used with the LINK element in the document head: b) to link to a separate style sheet c) to make a link to a script d) by stylesheets to control how collections of html nodes are rendered into printed documents e) to make a link to a printable version of this document e.g. a postscript or pdf version -->

<!ELEMENT LINK - O EMPTY> <!ATTLIST LINK href %URL #IMPLIED -- URL for linked resource -- rel %Types #IMPLIED -- forward link types -- rev %Types #IMPLIED -- reverse link types -- title CDATA #IMPLIED -- advisory title string -- >

<!--=================== Images ============================================-->

<!ENTITY % Length "CDATA" -- nn for pixels or nn% for percentage length --> <!ENTITY % Pixels "NUMBER" -- integer representing length in pixels -->

<!-- Suggested widths are used for negotiating image size with the module responsible for painting the image. align=left or right cause image to float to margin and for subsequent text to wrap around image -->

<!ENTITY % IAlign "(top|middle|bottom|left|right)">

<!ELEMENT IMG - O EMPTY -- Embedded image --> <!ATTLIST IMG src %URL #REQUIRED -- URL of image to embed -- alt CDATA #IMPLIED -- for display in place of image -- align %IAlign #IMPLIED -- vertical or horizontal alignment -- height %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested height in pixels -- width %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested width in pixels -- border %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested link border width -- hspace %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested horizontal gutter -- vspace %Pixels #IMPLIED -- suggested vertical gutter -- usemap %URL #IMPLIED -- use client-side image map -- ismap (ismap) #IMPLIED -- use server image map -- >

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